Experts in AI/ML modelling & AI integration.

Whether you need to augment your current team’s workload, build a prototype, or fully manage a project.

Our 10+ years of experience designing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) modeling and integration of AI we can help your next project be a success.

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Different AI/ML modeling and & AI integration for All Types of Companies

From taking on a part of your project, consulting on a project, security audits,
or taking on your entire project

we can help.

R&D prototype builds and consulting for large teams

We can provide App Development and CMS integration experience

Surge capacity and consulting for mid-sized teams

We can come in up to speed quickly and take on specific tasks to accelerate project timelines

Full project management from strategy to development

We can partner with funded organizations that want to bring their idea to life

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

On this call we’ll learn more about you, your project, and see if we might be a fit to help.
If we think we could be a fit for your project, we’ll send a custom proposal that outlines the scope, timeline, and deliverables.
After you move forward with your proposal, we’ll schedule our project kick-off and get started!

Types of Solutions We Help With

Because AI is changing the world—and the methods and languages are changing quickly and must meet a variety of requirements. Whatever you’re wrestling with,

we can help.

Low-power, long battery life

We can help you select the right components that will deliver the functionality your project requires, while providing the maximum battery life and power savings needed.

Rugged environments

We work with clients to make the appropriate recommendations for the best hardware to use given the environmental conditions. We do this for proof of concept (POC) and for final deployment.


We urge all companies across all industries to treat every AI/ML system as a high-security issue. We can help you take the necessary precautions to make sure your network and data are secure.

Automated testing & guided repair

We work with clients to develop guided repair systems to walk technicians through the repair process should an automated test find an issue and we have worked on countless projects automating processes for testing both physical components and software.

Highly regulated domains

We quickly come up to speed on the specific work in your domain and apply our expertise to your project. Through this partnership, we can help you meet the stringent requirements and regulations demanded by your industry.


It is important to choose the right wireless technology for your project to make sure you get the right balance between power, cost, and performance. We are well-versed in nearly all wireless IoT technologies.

Experience Across 8+ Core Industries

We’ve seen a wide-variety of projects across our 100s completed – and are
confident we can help you with yours.









Our Leadership Team

Meet our experienced leadership team you would be working with at Skillion Tech.

Pete Cooper

President and CEO

Pete serves as president of Skillion Tech. He is also the founder and CEO of Skillion in Australia. Skillion relocated its head office to the USA in 2019, and despite the COVID-19 pandemic setbacks, Skillion has had steady growth and is stronger than ever. His goal in founding Skillion was to build an excellent software development and engineering company– where skilled developers, researchers, and designers could create cutting-edge solutions in a supportive, exciting, and challenging environment. Pete has led the organization’s growth from its garage-office beginnings to the multi-location commercial enterprise it is today. His passion for the power of technology and the idea of making the complex simple remains as strong today as it was when he initially created the organization in 2015.

Chris Schiavino

Head of Business Development

Chris has an extensive background in building companies, sales and marketing that has led him to cofound Skillion. As Head of Business Development, Chris leads every engagement providing executive level experience, strategies, and actions bringing together the critical success factors needed to reach the next level of success for Skillion’s clients.

Julian Meyer

Lead Developer

Julian brings a purpose and an approach to all challenges with curiosity and creativity. He is a problem solver and system thinker, always finding ways to “bale out” the project when things start to “go under”. He does that by taking an empathetic and holistic approach to engineering and software design tasks to achieve a more authentic and successful outcome. His superpowers are his ownership, consistency in quality, and versatility in the face of adversity. He has a passion for software and electrical engineering. Along with web development, he can create full-scope IoT solutions from the low-level embedded electronics to the user-facing platform and experience.

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