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Scaled Agile Framework in small companies – is it effective?

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is a popular method for organizing and managing software development projects. It provides a set of best practices, templates, and guidelines for organizations

Agile or Waterfall or Hybrid – when to use each

Predictive and Agile methodologies are popular approaches used for developing products or completing engineering projects. Each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Scrum versus PMI – tailoring terminology

Scrum is a popular framework for managing complex projects and is widely used in software development. One of Scrum’s fundamental principles is using specific terminology to describe its roles, events, and artifacts. 

How AI (ChatGPI) can help with writing software

Software development is intricate and time-consuming, but ChatGPT, an NLP tool using machine learning, streamlines tasks for a successful, efficient, and productive outcome.

Android App for eBikes : Uniquely for riders

The KSS App is an Android App for eBikes developed by us at Skillion. The App has been designed to help riders enjoy their eBikes and keep track of their rides. The App includes several features, such as:

AI / Machine Learning – On the Edge

We at Skillion built a Helmet Detection App for a client for installation onto an eBike. We delivered a working prototype that met their requirements and gave their customers the peace of mind they needed.

Program Management – Scaling a Product

We recently consulted with a company (ManoTech) that needed some help with a Telehealth product. The product was already built, and they asked us to come in and help them scale it. On arrival, we noted they only had one customer (Ablehealth).

Program Management – Key Success Factors

Being a program manager is not easy. It can be pretty challenging at times. However, there are certain things that you can do to increase your chances of success. Applying Key Success Factors is a vital skill illustrated by the successful Server Based Gaming (SBG) Program at Aristocrat.

Program Management – Risk Management

How to manage 20,000 parts, 2,200 drawings, 1,800 task cards, engineering problems on nine aircraft with a $250m budget, and turn the first aircraft around in 42 days. Program Risk Management is critical.

Program Management – One Customer

A critical issue for all Startups is where to focus its minimal resources. MnoTech won its first customer but became distracted trying the raised capital and win new customers rather than focus on the customer they had and nearly lost it all.

Program Management – Issue Avoidance

Program Management is not easy, and we commonly face issues managing people. This is especially difficult when we are working remotely, across time zones and cultures, and in a complex Startup environment.

Software Development – 7 steps

we were involved with a software development project that was behind schedule and over budget. The software had been developed using an inaccurate requirements-gathering process, which had led to scope creep and unrealistic deadlines.

Product Design S-drive

A new bike gearing system – a simple idea that may be difficult to implement. Building a better bicycle gearbox has been the holy grail for many engineers, inventors, small companies, and major corporations since the bicycle became mainstream.

Program Management & MVP Nettfunder

An entrepreneur may consider a 2-sided marketplace attractive for their StartUp. It seems to offer all the rewards without the risks, but the reality is very different. The hidden truths reveal that “building it” may not always result in “they will come.”

Program Management & MVP Burcham

Three months to deliver a complete IoT system for an eBike fleet from scratch. How to manage an MVP and make it happen. When starting a business, there are a million things to think about and get done. It’s easy to get bogged down in the details.

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